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Thanks to the multitude of encounters it creates with people and places, photography has heightened my awareness of the vast differences in the world: receptive to all experiences and discoveries, I consider the camera be a sort of sensory sound box. In a broad spectrum ranging from social portraiture to landscapes, and including observations of form and colour, I seek to document life in the same vein as Straight Photography, all the while nourishing an autobiographical narrative.

Following a path that is as considered as it is intuitive, most of my work has been produced in the USA.  Captivated by America’s sociological and political impact on the world and fascinated by the country’s incredible iconography, I have placed this territory at the heart of my research since the early 2000s.  Since then, my work has allowed me to forge a precious photographic and human connection with the nation and to engage a passionate dialogue with the American documentary tradition, the backdrop to my own projects.

At the same time as my American work, I continue to work on a project about the city of Paris, inspired by Guy Debord’s ‘Theory of the Dérive’ (‘drift’)
– Ronan Guillou
Since Angel, and including Country Limit and The Last Frontier, dedicated to Alaska, Ronan Guillou has been weaving a subtle visual skein that renews with depth and sensitivity the question of margins and in-between places of the American territory. Melancholy, suffused with references to the history of American photography, Ronan Guillou’s images seek bridges between past visions and present roads, that could also lead to the future. His work ceaselessly foils and transcends clichés about this territory, an exotic elsewhere.
— Héloïse Conésa
Curator in charge of Contemporary Photography –  French National Library