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Death as loud as life [Publication project]
[…]What does Ronan Guillou look for in Alaska that he would not find elsewhere, closer, in another State of the Union? The cinema and the images of the great photographers have familiarized us with East and West coasts, deep South and Middle West, not to mention the legendary transcontinental Road Trip. All these places and regions, as well as this mode of movement both exalted and melancholic, made countless artists creating these images that shape our American imaginary: from American Photographs by Walker Evans to the Jim Jarmush’s movies, Paris-Texas by Wim Wenders, William Eggleston’s Guide or The Americans by Robert Frank, the images taken on the road by Stephen Shore or Todd Hido. The list of significant works that mark the territory of the United States is endless. These heroes of modern or contemporary culture have – almost – gone everywhere. Only one state has never had the honor of theirs visits: Alaska. As far as I know, only Ansel Adams has worked there for a while. I can’t think other prominent American photography figures that seemed to be interested in that State. Ronan Guillou explored the confines of the Union, West of the West Coast, in this photographic terra incognita, in order to understand that anomaly we could consider as a cultural exception.[…]

[…] In that sense, Guillou is not here a follower of the Road Trip, nor the big open spaces. The actual collection testifies especially of the intimacy that at each stage he manages to create. As if he were visiting the colorful and scattered tribe of his friends, each member of this improbable diaspora. The traveler is the only link between all these people. Thus, from one thread to another, from a pause to the next, from a short stay to another, it is a log that weaves and gets written, a zigzagging narrative, disjunctive, but endowed with the curious characteristic of some obstinate digressions: unity of a point of view, of a temperament and a vision, whatever the term, unites all this disparate to give form to a masked self-portrait. […] – Brice Matthieussant
[…] “Alaska parades, bundles up and peels off before Guillou’s camera. Seasons mess with each other, landscapes clash, time and space exaggerate, death is as loud as life and life is sometimes very quiet. A flamboyant photographic collection of the duels that unwind in America’s 49th State.” […]
– Lily Matras