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[...] In this sense, Guillou is not a proponent of road trips or the great outdoors, and this series mainly testifies to the intimacy that he succeeds in creating at each stage, as if he were visiting the colorful, dispersed tribe of his friends, each member of this improbable diaspora ignoring all the others, with the traveler as the only link between all these incompatible people who are clearly unbeknown to each other. One thing leading to another, from one break to the next, and from one stay to another, a diary thus comes into existence, a meandering, disjointed narrative passing seamlessly between seemingly unrelated subjects, yet endowed with this curious characteristic so specific to certain obstinate digressions: the unity of a point of view, a temperament, a vision—no matter the term—brings together all these disparate elements to form a self-portrait in disguise.”

Brice Matthieussent, professor of aesthetics at the École supérieure d’art et de design Marseille-Méditerranée, writer

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