From the sociological image to the reflexive observation of landscapes, my work combines documentary gaze, personal narrative and study of forms. Experimental photography is what would best define my practice. Such a formula also makes it possible to decompartmentalize the currents for which I feel in affinity, as much as it legitimizes a free and digressive approach.

Whether it serves the revelation of contemporary issues, social description or the pleasure of composition, the link between humans and their immediate environment is largely the subject of my photographic projects. Some series tend to follow in the wake of New Topographics, from semi-urban intermediate areas to rurality, illustrating the fragile balance between civilization and nature. The personal odyssey feeds on curious wanderings and time shared with the characters encountered on my journey, who make up the score of my own existence.

Captivated by the socio-cultural, environmental and political impact of the United States on the world, fascinated by the glorious iconography of the country, I made this territory the heart of my research. My recent work explores the states of Alaska and Hawaii, surprisingly poorly represented in the American documentary tradition.

Along with the American series, I am continuing to work on the city of Paris, inspired by the Theory of Drift developed by Guy Debord. Lawa Liba, a project along the Maroni, a river bordering Guyana and Suriname, was launched very recently.

I also intervene for workshops and participate in school juries, while responding to press orders and communication projects. Ronan Guillou

From 'Angel' to 'Death as noisy as life' devoted to Alaska, via 'Country Limit', Ronan Guillou weaves a visual mesh that renews with depth and sensitivity the question of margins and between locations in the United States. Surrounded by references to the history of American photography, his images summon a melancholy gaze that seeks the past for the critical path of the present and the possibility of a future. His work never ceases to thwart the clichés linked to a territory, the exoticism of an elsewhere, and transcend their subject.
[…] Ronan Guillou's photographs distill a singular atmosphere where the harshness of reality softens in the photographic epiphany and the poetry it provokes, possessing the admirable capacity to twist the surfaces of normality to seek in the déjà vu the part of mystery that remains.

Héloïse Conésa
Curator in charge of Contemporary Photography - National Library of France

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